Dimmed Lights

Twiglets thoughts

I must go,
it calls me so
into the fog
on silent feet
feeling the rough
bark on the trees
hearing soft scurrying
of shy things.
The fog is heavy,
yet touches,
my skin lightly
and I love this dimness,
this mysterious
unspoken words
of deity
as I remain still
in this sacred moment.  

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Cry Baby

Twiglets The Weight of Water

Tears begin to fill my eyes,
pool, then drop one at a time,
no matter how hard I’ve tried
to stop them. The weight of
water is so slight but there
is a torrent of hurt inside
that causes a waterfall to
track my face as I give in.

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The Title’s the Thing

Quickly “Use each one as the springboard for a batch of TITLES.” 


Banyan Moon
Banyan, A Spiritual Journey
Jade Rabbit Fools the Banyanman
Poems as Lovely as a Tree


Turnip Brownies and other Delicious Desserts
The Topsy-Turvy Turnip
The Stranger on Turnip Hill Lane
Life’s Garden


Jinx 1: Antares Mission
Jinx on the Hangman
It’s Just Bad Luck
Hi Jinx, Goodbye


Scattered Seeds of Christianity
Dawn Over the Scattered Mountains
Scattered Thoughts and Poetic Prose
Scattered With the Wind


Pushing the Envelope
The Mystery of the Empty Envelope
Envelope and Envelop – Spelling Matters
Signed, Sealed and Delivered

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To All the Little People on the Edge of the Promontory

Henri Rousseau Self Portrait from L’ile Saint Louis

lost in the shadows
of self-proclaimed giants
but I like your
company the best.
Often overlooked
looked down on
not a slave to the times
you are not just
a flash in the pan.

Prompt by Mz Q

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All in a Day’s Work

Mz Quickly Day 13 Imagining Machine

There’s a swift wind blowing
fluffy clouds across the sky
herding them, urging them,
as eastward they fly.

The sprongbucket driver
of the wind-maker machine
waves to the busy crews
tidying up on the green.

It is a beautiful day
laboring under the sun
and flying the sprongbuckle
is the best kind of fun.

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Mishmash of Genres

Mz Q Day 12 Music

I am old country music
Hank Williams and Patsy Cline
Bill Munroe and Alison Krauss
I’m swing – pony tail bouncing
blues, jazz, and rock and roll.
I’m classical, alternative, emo,
folk and elevator music…
on my mood
there is something
to stoke the fires
soothe the beast
put me to sleep.

*I recently got to see Dwight Yoakam at the Grand Olde Oprey. Yes!

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The Last Sigh of Day

Mz Quickly Day 11 Wordle

In that vast sky all the way
to the attic of that vaulted roof
where birds of prey and black
winged crows seem small circling
like they’re in a roundabout
and can’t get out.

And from my vantage point
on a rectangle lot of tall grass
I watch them until strawberry
and orange streaks the horizon
like melting sherbet
then we all desert it…

as evening dons her nightshirt

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Mz Quickly Day 10 “Choose some fuzzy topic to define.

I believe
in tension between two things
faith and doubt
and how unreliable
certainty and skepticism.
I hope, certainty.
I hope, but not sure.
I reckon, true measure.
I reckon, skepticism.

I believe
but what I believe is fuzzy.

I believe
with a grain of salt

I believe
with all my heart

I believe
with the tension of
certainty and doubt.

What is enough?
What is too much?

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Miz Quickly Day 5 Imagine that you are thirsty.

The flowers
the trees
grasses and weeds
under a raging sun
begin to brown
roots cemented
to the
cracked ground.
Thirst is an arid breath
silent gasp
mummified death.


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The November Years

Miz Quickly Day 4 – Word list

I didn’t ease into being careful
it came quite suddenly with a thud
flat on my back, head on concrete,
at the entrance of the mall. Busy mall.

Aging has sentenced me – the rest of my life
I must watch every step, every movement
taking care to wait a second for balance.
A required effort of forethought to

be full of care, and esp. on stairs,
use restraint, no more running up
and down. Old lady mail in the P.O. box.
SS, Medicare. AARP. Hearing aids. Life alert.

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