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To The Mad Ones Who Went Too Far

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”  Robin Williams The Twiglets “you’re mad” They laugh at you and say, “You’rea fool, a jolly jester, a cut-up, Onlyyou know the reason why… it’s a Given,you jest … Continue reading

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A Winter Vignette

Sometime after midnight it was to startI stayed up late to see the firstchunky flakes blowing quietly, crosswiseacross the ground.Fir trees wavered and through the gapsa moonstone glow shown dim.Soon the tool shed roof was coveredthe yard disappearing from view.I … Continue reading

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Quickly What do you take on the journey? When my time is endedand God calls me homeand He says, one thing,only one thing can you bring.What would I be claspingtightly in my fist…jewelsgoldphotographsa sentimental trinket?I can’t think of a thingto … Continue reading

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Them Bones Holds Him Together

Quickly Underneath his fleshpass muscle, sinew,a highway of arteries,and organshe wears his bones loosely.Hands in pocketstie askewhe shamblesyou’d swear there wasair beneath his feetso smoothly does he retreat.Not a care in the world,it would seem, yet the weightof the world … Continue reading

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Quickly A Wordle (but I only used suitcase) Night came gently, settledround the head and shouldersof the city like a lace mantilla.Night nudged away the lightand the heat of the dreary daystill the city pulsed with brashclangs, glaring neon lights,drunken … Continue reading

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