Twiglets “in a coat pocket”

Something with pockets she always wears
when she takes her walks in the woods
they start out empty and end up filled
with colored pebbles the river has milled
and leaves and ferns and pretty petals
worth to her more than all the shekels
in ancient Israel.  

I wonder what she does at the end of the day
when she removes them one by one
does she place them in a unique collection
and look upon them with affection?
Somehow, I see each lovely thing she keeps
essenced into poems she enchantingly pens
on dreary rainy days.

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11 Responses to Misky

  1. Hobbo says:

    What a lovely tribute from one wonderful poet to another. My favourite line; the one about pebbles milled by the river.


  2. Misky says:

    I’m completely bowled over by this beautiful (and very accurate) poem. Thank you, Debi. Windowsills mostly, but I have a rule … one object brought home sends one object back from where it came. That way, I’m very careful with what I bring back home with me. 🥰

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  3. Jules says:

    My rule is two out for one in… for anything… though I don’t follow it often 😉
    I suppose like Misky I too have many collections, which I could use for inspiration.
    Lovely tribute.

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