Stucco-ed and Painted Perfection

Twiglets – Cracked Stucco

She puts it on with a trowel
then smooths it out like plaster
adds contours, colors, concealers,
darkens her brows, lines her eyes,
thickens and lengthens thin lashes
reshapes her mouth with sexy red
and then gets Botox so nothing cracks
She looks like a mannequin
unnatural, posed, untouchable.

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12 Responses to Stucco-ed and Painted Perfection

  1. Ron. says:

    Yeah, she hasn’t changed, even all these years later. Fine Write!


  2. Misky says:

    It’s a look that’s so over the top, it’s ridiculous. Great poem!


  3. I can see the cracks forming. Good one, Debi!

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  4. sgeoil says:

    Quite the visual you paint! Plastering is hard work, wouldn’t have to do it every morning!

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  5. Jules says:

    Reminds me of a recent news story about a famous persons face lift that didnt’ quite go how they hoped…

    Interestingly enough I read/ also saw how in the 1800’s some older women just kept adding new layers of white make-up to their faces without washing off the old layers first!! Ick!


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