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A Hill in Rainbow Hollow

twiglets A twiglet’s aim is to “prompt” a thought. a bare hill On a bare hillockwild daffodils bloom in springthe cabin long gone.

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Shadows of the Soul

Twiglets “A Bright Shadow” Poetry is a solid thingthat casts a long shadowand out of umbra, the darkest part,escapes the light of understanding.

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Twiglets #296 Unlit The maple in the front yardstands tall and formally seriouspresiding over a well-kept lawnbut autumn has been teasing,tickling, tempting her decorumand something that was unlitsuddenly flipped a switchnow she’s dressing herselfin frivolous, gaudy colorsa brazen, beauty of … Continue reading

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mindlovemiserysmenagerie Welcome to the Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip Hummingbirds are flying south.Does the sky notice?Is she sad?

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Love is Always Messy

Poets and Storytellers – Toxic Love – Posted by Magaly Guerrero She never needed me beforewrapped up in her life and lovesI learned to look elsewherefor support, acceptance, worth,not realizing it must come from insideI learned it late, but not too … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty

The Twiglet #295 Soft as Eggs Eggs are fragileenclosed in a hard shellwhich itself is easily crackedand such a good metaphorfor a heart that can be brokenfor what can’t be put together againfor the universe and life and death…and why … Continue reading

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