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The Title’s the Thing

Quickly “Use each one as the springboard for a batch of TITLES.”  BANYAN Banyan MoonBanyan, A Spiritual JourneyJade Rabbit Fools the BanyanmanPoems as Lovely as a Tree TURNIP Turnip Brownies and other Delicious DessertsThe Topsy-Turvy TurnipThe Stranger on Turnip Hill … Continue reading

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To All the Little People on the Edge of the Promontory

Henri Rousseau Self Portrait from L’ile Saint Louis lost in the shadowsof self-proclaimed giantsbut I like yourcompany the best.Often overlookedlooked down onnot a slave to the timesyou are not justa flash in the pan. Prompt by Mz Q

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All in a Day’s Work

Mz Quickly Day 13 Imagining Machine There’s a swift wind blowingfluffy clouds across the skyherding them, urging them,as eastward they fly. The sprongbucket driverof the wind-maker machinewaves to the busy crewstidying up on the green. It is a beautiful daylaboring … Continue reading

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Mishmash of Genres

Mz Q Day 12 Music I am old country musicHank Williams and Patsy ClineBluegrassBill Munroe and Alison KraussI’m swing – pony tail bouncingblues, jazz, and rock and roll.I’m classical, alternative, emo,folk and elevator music…dependson my moodthere is somethingto stoke the … Continue reading

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The Last Sigh of Day

Mz Quickly Day 11 Wordle In that vast sky all the wayto the attic of that vaulted roofwhere birds of prey and blackwinged crows seem small circlinglike they’re in a roundaboutand can’t get out. And from my vantage pointon a … Continue reading

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Mz Quickly Day 10 “Choose some fuzzy topic to define.“ I believein tension between two thingsfaith and doubtand how unreliablecertainty and skepticism.I hope, certainty.I hope, but not sure.I reckon, true measure.I reckon, skepticism. I believebut what I believe is fuzzy. … Continue reading

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Miz Quickly Day 5 Imagine that you are thirsty. The flowersthe treesgrasses and weedsunder a raging sunwiltwitherdroopbegin to brownroots cementedto thecracked ground.Thirst is an arid breathsilent gaspmummified death.  

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The November Years

Miz Quickly Day 4 – Word list I didn’t ease into being carefulit came quite suddenly with a thudflat on my back, head on concrete,at the entrance of the mall. Busy mall. Aging has sentenced me – the rest of … Continue reading

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Miz Quickly Day 3 Chatterbox Rooted in Greek, meaning good speaking.Unintentional irony,her mother just liked the name.A chatterbox she wasprecocious said theylater they beggedtake a breath,Eula.HUSH!

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Absolutely No! Maybe?

Miz Quickly Day 2 When you’re pushed against the walldown to your last hope and prayerand the wind blows nothing but hot airyou button up your cynical, cold heartagainst the voices that promise miracleor you grasp tight-fisted to bluster,or the … Continue reading

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